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Monday, July 12, 2010

Right Beside You

Every now and then you have to take one step back and take in a larger view,though the time may seem off, the best is always saved for last... like dessert.
When you reached for my hand and pulled me close and together we stepped forward in the same direction I knew that we were on the plain of forever love.

Life without love is dark and cold and
a mere existence with nothing to hold.

Yes Heart! I Love!

Yes Heart! I hear! I know it to be so
that in my heart he lives and
through my soul it shows.

Yes Heart! I feel! The love he gives
to me and in the dark of night,
I dream him next to me.

Yes Heart! I see! The magic of his
love he holds me tenderly in the
clouds above.

Yes Heart! I know! The depth of
such love it reaches through the
moment and surfaces with all
his love.

Yes Heart! I taste! The sweetness
of my lips and without him it
leaves a bitterness.

Yes Heart! I feel! the emotions
from inside as they are tied in knots
wondering how and why.

Yes Heart! I love! I love him more
each day and so I give you to him
forever and a day.

Yes Heart! I understand! It's a
chance we take, but loving him
is an opportunity of sweet
eternal bliss.

Turmoil in the wanting, the needing of you here,
out of the love we created a dream that only
lovers can share.

Agitated is my soul, which begs to feel you near,
as it reaches beyond the moment to meet you
above the celestial hemisphere.

My soul conveys the message as it cries out
in the dark to make sense of this journey,
that once broke my heart.

The mountains tried to separate, the river
to divide, but in truth nothing can keep
from you the love I have inside.

Sings>Mesmerized am I by the blue sky and when I think of you dreaming is all that I can do. I know this much is true that I dearly love you and without you here with me there would no dreams or sweet memories. The clouds passing by a reminder of you and I and what it means to have you here with me. The day has just begun and as I stare up at the sun, I feel the warmth of your most precious love. There so much more in store, for you my love I adore and I won't let you go I just want you to know. Mesmerized am I by the blue sky and when I think of you dreaming is all I can do.

Round and round I go... on a dream that waits to come true.

I call it balance but it is more like feeding the intricacy of the our indepth personality. Excepting and expressing the variations of our individuality allow us in many ways to expand on the necessary balance. It kind of gives a new meaning to the adage" all work and no play" whether we are exploring our need to accomplish our personal or financial goal or merely allowing our being total freedom.

What is the necessary balance? I think that depends so much on where we are and what chapter we are in. In some ways stroking the ego, embracing the heart and freeing the soul have to all come together on the same platform before expanding individually. It bascially comes down to our needs, as I type I feel the freedom that has been granted to me, assuring my soul a place of peace and satisfaction and yet another part of me is troubled.

When the world seems dark and I can't see beyond today, I think of you my love and the sorrow simply fades. My soul cries out and my heart begs for you to hear, the plea from inside that needs to hold you near. Love surfaces with every thought of you and when the clouds dissipate, I just go on dreaming sweet dreams of loving you.

When the world seems dark and I can't see beyond today, I think of you my love and the sorrow simply fades.Happiness ignited the fire in my soul, but I believe it was your passion that caused the flame of desire to take a hold. The silence broken, the darkness can no longer harm, as I reached for you my love and felt the magic of your charm.

When the world seems dark and I can't see beyond today, I think of you my love and the sorrow simply fades. The trembling of my spirit, the ache within my soul, unleashed the memories that the darkness once controlled. Sunshine in my morning, sunshine through the day, with you my love the sun shines when the stars are on display.

When the world seems dark and I can't see beyond today, I think of you my love and the sorrow simply fades. Barriers that only the mind can see , built the walls out of misery. Your hand stretched across the mountains high and when I reached for you, you pulled me to your side. Love is strong enough to build a bridge and as we cross it, we allow our love to live.


Mark said...

I enjoyed your thoughts on balance. For me balance is when the mind, body and spirit are aligned. I believe balance is natural, however we for so long have been out of balance that achieving and sustaining balance at first is work, however like anything with practice it becomes easier and easier and at some point we achieve mastery.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your comment. I think the more people who are a part of our network the less balance, because we are a part of a bigger picture and balance to our own individuality may throw the whole inner being out of sync.

Connie said...

I enjoy all your writing, it is a beautiful place to visit.

Anita said...

I met you at an event and your work is fabulous, I look forward to collecting more it.I hope you will be at the September show in Northmoreland Park.

Marsha said...

I have been reading your poetry and I love your style.I have a few favorites by Helen Steiner Rice, you seem to have the same flair with your writing. Keep it up

John said...

Cool Site!

NY said...

Your blog is great!

Dave said...

Found you surfing You are hot!

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Marsha Welcome back, glad you are enjoying.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Anita,

I will be at the Labor Day Event on Labor day weekend, will look forward to seeing you.

Thank You