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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Through My Eyes

There are songs, poems, stories which have been written that all refer to the long and winding road. In reference to the journey the road can be long and winding with very little insight to what is around the bend. From early on we began to build a network, family, friends school mates and of course those which we spend a good bit of our life with which are our colleagues. It becomes a weave which is life entwined, thus creating a view of the canvas. Sometimes the threads tighten so much that we find it difficult to breathe. How can I be a stitch in the canvas and yet feel as if I have fallen through the hole? I had a long talk with my mother today, funny how mom's understand so much, could be the wisdom and the experiences that they have been through that they are able to apply that to your own issues.
I have always been amazed with one of those pull strings children's tops, it spin and spins and than loses energy and falls over. In many ways I feel like a top spinning and spinning and hoping not to run out of energy. Who will be there to pick me up? It is that spinning motion in different directions and yet standing alone, "round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows. " Just like the children top that has to keep spinning to stay up, I keep pushing forward and believing and dreaming the dreams of love.
I watched a sequel to a movie from years back, it was about lust, denial and love and missed opportunities. In many ways I believe just as a puzzle interlocks we are designed to connect with another soul. In conversation it was mentioned about not being perfect, but we are not looking for perfect, just respect. If we respect one another the little in perfections don't really matter as we see them as just another unique part of our character.

I am not so amazing,
as there is nothing
amazing about a
lost soul.


I am part of the problem I helped spin the web and I can't get out.
I had a good cry got it out of my system and I am on my way to work the farmers market.
Controls Emotions!

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