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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Pure Simplicity

When you see the most amazing and beautiful visions in pure simplicity, you have found Love.

Do not allow emotions to control you but lead you, follow the path of happiness and there you shall find love.

Once caged in a world of loneliness till I felt your love enter my heart.

Blue birds,
blue skies,
blue notes,
no lies.

My Soul Speaks

On our journey we fulfill many of the requirements necessary to sustain life and to provide what seems to be for many merely an existence and the struggle to survive. But this road we travel is so unique to each individual and it is so very precious as we will never get another opportunity in this body to follow this script. Our senses become tools of experience, from sight, touch, smell and taste and even all that we choose to hear or not. Through the many stages of life, we find that our experiences are heightened in either a positive or negative way as we teeter between the success of life and the success of the soul. When we tread down a familiar path it can ignite an array of memories and emotions that tease the spirit. Imagine for one moment that we allowed our heart and soul to make all our decisions, without the complication of the mind. That we did what was pleasing not just to the five senses but to our complete inner being. I find the minds eye to be troubling for it tries to reckon with emotion and it struggles to define our purpose on earth.
Who puts who whom in power? Who writes the script? Who will edit? Who will have the final cut? I like many have surfaced from a variety of experiences and I have asked these exact questions. For I would not have chosen, the struggles, the aches and the timing and yet they have indeed become a part of the experience. You cannot see the bars that restrain the soul, but they do exist. Many seeds were placed into the earth and there a garden grows, Sometimes the blooms are so beautiful and are all that I can see and in their absence I feel blinded and can't see beyond the hills and trees. I tried to understand it to make sense of that which I know, but like a spider who built the web it seems to just grow and grow.

The child is born, no choice is made,
her destiny from wool now cut and
the irony is in the touch, where
abrasiveness ,now a softness
to the touch.
Awkward were the lessons,
troublesome to the soul, as
with each step through life
she took, she cut the devils

The heart weeps in silence,
the ache felt deep within the
soul, until the journey starts
a new and your love through
my life is spooled.
the old oak tree,
your hand in mine
and the river to the sea.

Hot dogs,
down by the park,
the sparkle of your eyes
as we are lost in time. .

How is it possible that the heart can see at such a distance
and the soul can feel your embrace and yet my body still hungers?


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