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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 30, 2015


First thing this morning I went down to the greenhouse. Flower pots in a disarray reminded how fast one season replaces another. Eager for spring and yet knowing very well that it soon will be replaced by the hot days of summer. Our final frost day in the area is May 15 th and so I know that some flowers risk losing their blooms. Tis is life as we journey forward trying to find the beauty of a bloom within the negative surroundings.
Two things that I have never been strong at one is consistency and the other my failure to prepare ahead and down right procrastinating. I guess I have always been like that not quite strong enough to fight to hold my ground, I wait till backed in a corner. Like a boxer in the corner of a ring, do or die . lol  It must be age setting in as it seems that we have six months of winter and six months of summer, with no balance in between. Harder and harder to bounce back from winter.
I have always felt like a sponge that absorbs energy from situations and people around me. Trying to find and hold on to the positive can at times become and overwhelming feat. " Responsibility to self" taking a deep breath I pondered on exactly what that responsibility was. Mulling over that view of the bigger picture. I found myself weighted down by the moment.
Was this chapter of life by chance or a wheel in action? So many factors come into play. What leads us down the path to our very existence? I looked beyond the darkness and far beyond the starry sky to find the light that shines brightest comes from the love within.

It might have been happenstance
earth's  distance from the sun,
but I believe it was truly destiny
which sent your precious love.

To share in each and every moment
and to each self be happy and true,
this is the magical gift of life
to paint the sky a gentle blue.


Hanging from a cloud with butter on my fingers.


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