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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, April 12, 2015


I woke to the song bird
and his glorious tweets,
calling his mate to share
the early days of spring.

The sun is shining,
the grass a bold green
as the hollow comes to life,
it all seems like a dream.

I found my self a drift,
like a ship out to sea,
searching the high waters
my thoughts had set me free.

I found myself beside you
as a tear rolled down my cheek,
I said don't pinch me darling,
I want to enjoy this dream.


Scattered bric brac on my desk,
a little dusty, sometimes a mess.
Each holds a memory of a day
when dreams found their way.

I pushed them all aside and
I  my wiped desk anew,
today is tomorrow and
here I wait for you.

The night now shines bright,
clearly guided by starlight.
no matter what we say and do,
the starlight leads me to you.

Starlight, starlight shining bright,
gives  a new meaning to this life.
Heavens bow down hear
in the kiss of life we both share.

to lift us to the clouds


Anonymous said...

To hold your hand on this journey, share a cloud with you and yes no pinching. Just Hugs and laughter to fill the day.



this is the result of our 2 hearts and souls joined as 1 as we dance upon OUR special cloud and gaze up to WISH UPON THE STARS.I LOVE U ANGEL XXXOOO





Rachel C Miller said...

To - NY You believed I could that makes for a great friend. Thank you for believing my poetry could touch a heart and that everything I did was some how special.
Sometimes when I selling I feel like I am someone else upon a stage and that people have no idea the person behind the image. From a book , maybe not perfect to some pretty cool mugs , we have made people believe. Thank You for that.

Rachel C Miller said...

Arms wide open, Psychologist say that if you can make seven years, you have made forever. I think of some pretty cool memories we've shared, one of my favorite was when I was selling lingerie and you said pick out one of those silk robes for yourself. It taught me that I had a worth and it wasn't always about pleasing someone else. ...of course I chose pink.

Rachel C Miller said...

Nice songs before a bed...

Rachel C Miller said...

The songs make me smile...unlike Marilyn who stays young forever, I am at times young in my mind but my body is allowing age to creep up on me. I wouldn't pick on Captain Kirk lol I have a lot of work for bikini days...lmao