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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, February 20, 2009

reaches out to feel...

The sun rising and through the window I could see, the snow laced over the mountains and the wind dancing trees. The moment familiar, I have seen it many times before, I am caught in the hollow and I'm begging for more. I tried to move, though still my body lay,as my mind drifted, the days dreams replayed. I could see the moment you first took my hand, and led me to the distant place where hearts and souls command. Warmly I smiled as the images infused and left inside of me a love that I could never lose. I rolled on my side, the pillow it was bare, dreaming and wishing I felt your body here. Explosive the memories, that flow through the mind, teasing my spirit as it waits for the perfect time. When mountains dissipate and rivers all run dry and we are together walking side by side.

Was is to be? and time replied "a measurement of life where love resides". Than what of the emptiness as darkness unfolds? The mountains retained all secrets within whispered softly" the journey starts from within " " no thy self, no all well and soon the direction will be revealed. " I am tired and restless and there is so far to go, what on this journey must I know? The wind spiked down, it spoke with a roar, " when your tired, I'll lift you high over, the mountains, to the blue of the sky, when restless, in the heavens you'll find, that love is all of heart,soul and mind. "
I am weak I can't feel you, where do you hide, why don't I see you here by myside. Racing quickly was memories with pride, warm with happiness and smiles from inside, the memories responded" Hold tight, don't let go, I am here to remind you, I am here to say, that love so wonderfull never shall fade."

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