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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, February 27, 2009

... where ever you maybe!

Anywhere you go,
anything you do,
I'll be there with you,
always loving you.

In the skies of blue,
in a crowd there's only two.
Amazing what love can do,
just me and you.

Dreams were made,
to extend the day,
and bring you close to me,
through memory.

When I was a young child, I had moved so many times, I use to have focal points, that had really little to do with my life other than giving me a sense of security. One of my earliest memories was of a building that sat high on a hill and could be seen from all directions within the city limits. I thought it was beautiful, It had almost a fairytale like tower with this huge ball that was built on the roof. I found it to be fascinating and I knew if I could see it, I was okay and I was home, wherever home took me.
The other place that came to mind was the big clock on the corner of the now gone Kaufmans department store. When you needed to meet someone, all you had to say was" I'll meet ya under the clock" every one knew exactly where under the clock was.
Many times we say, I'll see ya in the clouds. Imaginery or not there a sense of comfort and warmth that comes with having a special place of your very own. Dancing on clouds, has always been my way of describing the euphoria I was feeling, the excitement for life that you gives a natural high.
I find that I still need that focal point in my life, that place that is home, where ever home maybe. I close my eyes and I see your arms outstretched waiting for me. I am home, I am home! right there in your arms, where ever we maybe, whatever we maybe doing, I feel the love and I accept it and I look to the celestial heavens and my heart races and I say yes, I am home.

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