Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Oh! I know not where the day begins or if the dreams now end, as your love has captured each heart felt moment and infused it with desire, like fields of yarrow in summer time, with golden flames of fire.

Ice forms atop the mountains, the sun deceptive, shines and still a warmth like fever, meddles with the mind. I bartered with the heavens, my soul with his entwine, allow this moment to be forever, his love one with mine.

The pleasure mixed with passion placed to my love, a kiss, and there is where forever starts, with my desire upon his lips. My heart I felt it racing, I thought it left my chest, as my heart
beat ever faster, at the images in silhouette.

Rambling wild brier, no passage do they make, covered thick in thorns, deep they penetrate. To the flesh a reminder, a nip at my soul as I soon awaken to feel your loving hold.

No rhythm to my breathing, loud it fills the room, as it becomes so ever clear that my heart is here with you. The day met with night and united in a dream and there is where reality meshed my love to the love of you.

Spun of stardust, it was not only possible but true, the heavens responded to my desire to be in my forever embrace with you. No longer need I rush to my pillow and my spirit lay, for the heavens were so gracious in the love they gave, they made it everlasting, twenty four hours a day.

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