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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Night My Love

Silk and lace are at my feet as I stand before you bare
and I await your presence to hold me here.

Whispers from my heart were calling out to you, for
tonight my darling I'm in desperate need of you.

Lightening at my window, thunder rolling in and the
rain dances on the roof, as my spirit joins on in.

Opening the window, the wind took me by surprise,
just like the very moment when you first said hi.

No longer do I need to close my eyes. no longer
to dream under blue skies.

For you my darling are with every breath I breathe,
and every beat of my heart that for you sings.

The night sky was clouded,no stars to be seen,
but through the power of love it brought you to me.

I smiled and felt the warmth, I giggled nervously with
desire, as I lay upon my pillow and thank the Lord
for each moment of the hour.

The day has ended and the dreams will now begin,
so hold me close my darling and let my love on in.

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