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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 30, 2014


The changing of a season. The weather a bit fickle, one moment snow , frozen rain and today a bit warmer than usual. I looked at the trees standing bare and found it difficult to find the beauty in the moment. As I gazed into the water and saw the reflection of the trees and sky, it all on took a different source of beauty. There in the muddy waters was a reflection of life.  I have walked this path many times through out my life and therefore I am aware that nothing stays the same. The water fall which was my favorite place to get away did not have the same impact. The flow of water slowed down by the many changes in the area. The fall itself seem to have eroded some and did seem to stand as tall as it once did. I looked at the clouds passing by and I felt as if you were beside me. I thought had my love for you changed over the years? The truth is everything is a bit different. The depth  in which my love for you reaches has deepened into the depths of my own soul. The memories comforting, bring with them a celebration of love and life.

The hills were quiet,
as if all the animals were asleep
and as I looked around I felt
a tremble in my knees.

Something has changed
and I can't say I know for sure,
but as time quickly passed
it stands still at my back door.


Your love is reflected in the heavens.
I feel its warmth shining down on me,
like a silhouette dancing on the clouds,
I find myself embracing a dream.

Where does the dream end and reality
take center stage? I asked myself that
very question, as my heart races
night and day.

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