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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 02, 2011

Ed Townsend - For Your Love (Original)

I thought all the songs of love were sung,
and the words had all been written and then
I looked into my heart and saw that
a few were stilling missing.

There were those that held me in the night,
wiped away my tears and when I thought the
day was done, the words of love appeared.

Gave me strength when I was weak, encouraged
me when surrounded by despair and steadied me
upon my feet with the words I love you dear.

Contentment with the moment, a sharing of the
heart, from the day you took my hand and
we soared like lovers under the stars.

The birds took to singing, the sun brighter
everyday and through our external existence,
our souls set off to play.

I learned there was no wanting, we had the
gift which delights and it was through experience
thatI felt the joy of life.

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