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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you know I love you?

I feel as If I were a child of the age of five,
teetering between heaven and earth, as
I look at the world with such surprise.

Goldenrod like paint splashed through
out the fields and asters dressed in shades
of purple appear to dance upon the hills.

I think about tomorrow and again at yesterday
a quick goodbye as I stumble through
each memory that lives on within my mind.

Sometimes there was sorrow, heavy it lingers
still, but like climbing every mountain, there
is a weeee! going over hill and dale.

My heart danced with gaiety with a void
still left inside, as I embraced happiness
and felt something inside me die.
I didn't seek to find it,
I didn't know if it exist,
but like a gate flung open,
I entered as I couldn't resist.

At first I didn't recognize it,
but to my heart it did appear,
a love so kind and wonderful,
that forever we would share.

I didn't see you reaching, but
never the less I felt it so, as
you took my hand that day
and have yet to let it go.

The sun took to shining,
the stars a forever glow
as our love came together
and continued to grow.

Love Is Such a Simple Thing

Some want gifts and treasures,
but few will realize, the greatest
gift and treasure in your heart lies.

Like a dance in the moonlight,
a kiss in the rain and a touch
gentle to the soul , that can be
felt from day to day.


The song of love,
hearts embraced,
souls dancing on
heavens high.

The gust of wind,
warm summer rays
and to all we say

Melodious the sounds
so sweet as the birds
prepare for flight.

Migration begins,
and one by one
they gather in the

Autumn is approaching,
I feel it in the air and it
seems our love is
documented for
 everyone to share.

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