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Monday, September 19, 2011

Through My Heart


It matters little the season,
the weather that blows our way,
for it all takes on a different view,
when we share the joy in each day.

I felt the wind touch my cheek and
to my heart it awoke, like the spirit
of  sweet love that to my soul gently

Followed by summer, where listlessly
I laid, thinking of tomorrow and the
excitement that to this day remains.

But autumn comes with many colors,
she is hello and goodbye. Dousing
us with memories and creating a path
to winters surprise.

The final season is quickly approaching
and she is beautiful indeed, a reminder
of all that we have conquered,
through the trials of disbelief.

So be it the windy days of spring, humid moments of summer, the chill of autumn or the plummeting temperatures of winter. All comes with a lesson, that time does slip away, but all that really matters
is who holds your hand each day.

Sweet Memories

I am met with many challenges,
few which are to be seen,
but grateful am I of this journey,
that gave to me sweet memories.

My head was quickly spinning,
my heart soaked in brine,
as my soul gasped at the moment,
that nothing could divide.
I saw the smiles upon their face
and I knew what I must do, for
life is but a fleeting moment and
I must see it through.

Remove all darkness and despair
and a new path create, as we
journey through life as both
friends and soul mates.
I wanted something special,
mine and mine alone and
it wasn't until I felt your
love that hell was quickly

It takes someone quite special,
wonderful indeed, to see in
side a heart and to hold to
every dream.

I don't care about tomorrow,
today you walked with me,
held my hand, touched my
heart and danced right
through the dream.

I laughed and I giggled,
and the smiles I could not
hide, as merrily thinking of
your love brings joy from
heart to mind.


Troubled was my being,
I knew not where to go,
and suddenly I realized,
that your love through me

Serenity was waiting,
throughout life it reared
and all that was necessary
was to unveil what we had



I shall walk this earth but once,
as frightening as that may be,
I'll not complain of heartache,
for I have lived a dream.

I held a child, I wiped her tears,
I watched her sleep and breathe,
and as she grew, I questioned not
where the new day would lead.

Life comes day by day and to
that no guarantee, so I take
each moment seriously as
I hold to each memory.

My wants a bit intrepid,
anxious and bold indeed,
restless as a birthing lamb,
I recite the days decree.

Happiness is something
that lives within each heart,
and makes an appearance,
when shared from the start.

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