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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I would like to think of life as a series of chapters, 
where we get to choose our own ending. 
There is an eerie sense of contentment
that is rising from my soul. 

Through a child's eyes the stars seemed vast,
and then as I matured and gazed into the night sky, 
I realized how much we are one body and spirit 
with the heavens. 

Sorrow is foolish energy....we laughed and I felt
 the love find an eternal place in my heart. 
Destiny...if nothing else it placed you on the same path. 
When love flows from one heart to another,
the fire which is ignited blazes uncontrollably.
My hand in yours  is temporary, 
your love within my heart is everlasting. 
Unlock the chains that bound my soul...

It was in my years of adapting to the silence,
that I became aware of my place separate from the world around me.
We spend way to much time worrying where we are going 
and way to little being grateful for where we have been.
It was when I reviewed my own vulnerabilities that I understood.
Peace is when your heart is at rest.
I cannot extract my emotions from my surroundings, 
so I had to develop a better platform in which to stand. 
I don't reckon anyone will ever quite understand,
and at this point in my life ...I don't care.


Where there is dreams, there is hope,
where love, sweet happiness. 

The key to happiness, 
whether you are near or far,
 is waking up with your love 
deep in my heart. 

Grateful for each moment of
a day, because surely we 
both know how quickly it 
fades away. 

Smiles in the morning, 


I lived, I loved, I danced with you,
on the clouds in the heavens where
dreams come true. 

I soared to heights beyond the stars,
 in the hope that we would unite
  once more from afar. 

The wind blew, the night came and
the day was done as I sat watching 
the moon replace the sun. 

Something happened that I can 
quite explain, but the warmth of your
love replaced the rain. 
The shadows have lifted , 
the curtain now gone, 
replacing the darkness 
with laughter and song. 

My heart felt peace, my 
soul exclaimed, " It's the 
magic of love  the spirit 



There is a room filled with darkness,
gray clouds all around, without your love,
there is barely a smile.

The rain has fallen, the water floods the
streams and the road seems all washed
out when you're not here with me.

I said my hello's and I said a few goodbye's
and I wiped the tears, that had fallen from my

I miss the laughter that picked me off the ground
 and placed me on this path where our dreams
can all be found.

I watched the rainbow arch across the blue sky
,a blanket over my soul, till it faded it from sight.

 I am afraid I can't see beyond the valley and the hills,
 grasping at happiness, to break this autumn spell.

This is my journey,
unique to me. 


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