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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Heart

August weather, mixed review,
hot days of summer and a autumn hue,
Darker mornings, sunlight fades
as the new season is on its way.

Goldenrod in a wild thicket grows,
and the petals of the aster arch
in the wind that blows. Listen
closely and you will hear as the
blue bird in flight lands near.

Crickets call started about a month ago,
their sound filled the hollow to let
us know. The season is upon us as it
stands to take a bow, in the celebration
done in a summer style.

The river is awfully still, the water barely
moving over the hills.  The fish are jumping
and the groundhog running, the last days of
summer at my heart are tugging.
It matters really little what the seasons bring,
March winds, summer heat  or winter snow
and autumn rain. As long as you are beside me
we'll battle it just the same.

Precious are the memories I hold so dear, 
each one like lilac blooms which brings your love so near. 

The world is filled with sorrow,
a new challenge every day, it
matters little the struggle,more
importantly is how we fight
back the gray.

Perfect is in our perception....

My heart is happiest when I allow my soul as close to you as possible.


Rob said...

I enjoy you blog! Beautifully written.

Margie said...

Very beautiful, Rachel.

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you Margie!

Rachel C Miller said...

Hey Rob, welcome back and again ty.