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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tear filled Memories...love filled smiles

As I walked through the harvest garden to gather vegetables, I found each step was taken carefully as not to destroy any of the ripened fruits and vegetables. Like the stepping stones of life as it leads us down the path in hopes of finding our own personal greater good.
On my return from a family memorial , I realized in one week I said goodbye to a dear friend and two cousins. What did they leave behind and what was their life's worth? I imagine the value is based on how many lives are touched by a single soul. For there is no greater treasure than that of love. Memories, thoughts, actions, good and bad are retained by those we meet. Is this our purpose? I see that the world judges people by the power they hold and the riches they attain. But truthfully there is no great power or wealth than the actions that are spun by the purity of love.

The Greatest Gift is in Sharing

To fill the void and make one whole,
you must first find that special soul.
Holding hands under moon lit skies
and lost in the stars of a summer night.

Running , walking or standing still,
capable of making it over every hill.
Watch the flowers in the field grow and
still to treasure what will soon be snow.

In a room where silence dwells and smiling
under his warm and wondrous spell. Hearts
 in unison beat as one and embracing life as
the day is done.

What gift so great would complete, what our
 heart  and soul have tried to tweak? Several
 emotions come to mind, peace and contentment
 and a love so fine.

When sadness dwells and skies are gray, your
love shines through with another shade. Sunlit
mornings , skies of blue and the words of love
from me to you.

Deep breath, 
warm embrace,
faith in tomorrow,
joy and laughter,
happiness and desire,
in a moment of silence.

I love you...

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