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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sweet Kiss

I have always been intrigued by puzzles. Even before we enter school as a child many of us have been introduced to a puzzle of some sort. They are quite interesting as they come in many forms, but the idea is always the same. In a board puzzle it is to take pieces and match the design, color and shape to the interlocking piece. In advanced puzzles its to keep moving the puzzle around until it matches up and in a word puzzle to find the hidden word, etc. But the key to puzzles is to complete and make it whole and bring about some hidden design. In life we have three hundred and fifty six days in a year to try and find the missing pieces and complete the puzzle. Emotions have allot to do with it, does it feel right, does it interlock heart and soul?
Through my own experiences there was a sort of revelation and it is not always easy to identify and understand the meaning of it all. There is the pieces of struggle, heartache, happiness , confusion, miracles, magic, romance, love, disappointment in an ongoing list. Sometimes we try fitting pieces together that don't fit and no matter how we rearrange them they don't interlock. They are the troublesome pieces of life which we can see no explanation. It all comes back to the feeling of complete. Have we explored all there is to explore and like the joining of souls have we found the person who walks beside us in a fashion unique to the bonding of two souls? I again found myself pondering over my past experiences, what made my eyes twinkle and my heart pound and my soul void of the emptiness? It is not so complicated and it is, that is a confusing statement in itself. We know and we deny, that's what makes life a very difficult puzzle. We journey along roads we are not familiar with and stumble repeatedly along the way.

Soften my heart with your sweet love,
release my soul in the blue above,
throw me a kiss and I'll send one back,
to the one whom I love, based on the facts.

Follow my steps across the floor, hold
my hand and see what is in store,
the dance of life is yours and mine as
our hearts gently entwine.

In all reality people bring different things out in us, some good, some bad. I like to dwell on that which has me reaching for the stars, jumping clouds and of course falling into your arms.

Sad love songs

I listened to the music play,
the song of broken hearts
and the rain filled day.

I looked back and I looked ahead,
and I wondered if it was the end.
The stars will shine, long after I
have left your mind,  but in
your heart my love you'll find.


I know this is crazy, but surely it is true, that I have traveled under gray skies and under the many shades of  blue.


I was traveling,with no where to go,
rolling down the road moving kind of
slow. The sun was hiding behind the
clouds and like your love I knew
 hat you were still around.

Place your hand upon my heart
each beat, beats for you, both
near and far. Place your soul to
mine and let my love within you

Can you hear me? Hear me sing my song a love for you. Whisper to the heavens of all that you do,when you say I love you and I'll always be true, I'll hold you in the night and i'll brush away your fear and wake you in the morning my darling dear.
Sings>Everything I do is a reminder of you,
 I can't shake the time you held my heart so fine.
You are every song I sing, every thought and dream,
 you are my sweet desire, the one who set my soul a
 fire, you are my love.

Everything I do is a reminder of you, No matter
where I go, no matter what I do. You are my
reason for breathing, you are the words that
 soar like a bird above the ocean shore.

Everything I do is a reminder of you, for you are
 in my heart and there you'll never part. You are
 the sun that shines, the moon that  the morning hides,
 the stars that light the sky the smile upon my lips resides.

My lips quiver at the thought of your kiss,
imagining the tease of lips to lips.

It is a good day not to hot, not to cold and my heart embraces your being and love flows like angels from the heavens.It is a good day, I feel the magic of bonded souls and the joy of  our beings as we have come together. It is a good day, I dwell not on yesterday nor what I have to experience I walk the moment assured that the sun does indeed shine behind the clouds of darkness. It is a good day I awake, I experience, I live, I love, I feel the joy of our friendship. It is a good day, the birds sing, the fish swim and my heart is comforted that we exist in the realm of forevermore. It is a good day, I dream, have faith and believe, that all that should be will be. It is a good day, one heart was touched, one soul set free, one word inscribed upon my heart. It is a good day, the wind sings our song, the sun shines down with the warmth of our love, the rains awaken our spirit and a rainbow is cast over it all to remind us of the colors of life. It is a good day...

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