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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dreams and More Dreams

The waters reflect the bridge and the summer time leaves,
when our hearts began merging and we dared to believe.
Bridging two worlds together and uniting them as one, we
shared our heart and soul under the seasons of the sun. 

Fear has no place where love meets, only happiness and
joy on the clouds of heavens suite. Rainbows and blue 
skies, song and dance, from the moment you first 
said hello and without thought gave us a  chance. 

Butter cream kisses, deliciously sweet,
 from your heart to mine is a summer
 time treat. 

Kisses in the morning, kisses in the night , 
swapping spit with the love of my life. 

Dreams as surreal as can be, reached on 
out and pulled you close to me.

 Ours hearts beating like rain on a drum,
 first a pit and patter and then as fast as 
a cheetah can run. 

Sings>As long as I can dream, I'll hold you tightly. As long as I can feel I'll know you're here.Here in my heart where our dreams got there start and the sky took on the bluest of blue. As long as I can dream, I'll hold you tightly. As long as I can feel I'll know you're here.

Closes eyes,
opens heart,
breathes deeply,
exhales slowly,
and feels your love.


Don't wake me, I'm in your arms.

Front page news to convey to you,
the love that I feel when I share with you,
This public proclamation is a little
celebration announcing my love for you.


Margie said...

Perfect for a summer day!

Hope life is wonderful for you, Rachel.

Rob said...

Yes perfect for a summer day, a picnic on the side of the river.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Margie,

So cool to see you back. Thank you , we wake up to feel the sun upon our face and life is wonderful. When we don't wake up, well worry.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Rob,

Glad to see you return to read prose. Soft blanket, warm breeze, sun shining down through the trees. Fried chicken and yes a great day for a summer picnic.

Thank you