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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My words are the reflection of your love

Simplicity defines a spring time bloom,
as the beauty makes its way into the heart.
Experience feeds the hunger of the soul.

To imagine never embracing love,
would be to live in darkness.
Like a chameleon, I feel like I am expected to morph to the emotions of others. In this adaptation of action, the heart weeps and the soul is lost. We reflect our surroundings in our need to survive.
The trillium blooms blanket the mountain side
announcing spring is in session.
I knew not why the tears had fallen,
nor what my life would bring,
and as the music stopped its play,
my heart continued to sing.
There is always been a division between our wants and our needs,
for desire speaks from the heart and necessity has lost the gift to sing.
The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome is not as uncommon as one might think. We are all torn at times between the voice of the heart and song of the soul.
When the heart unites with the soul,
no confusion will dwell on our short
lived journey upon this earth.
I always despised the game of tug of war,
I have felt disconnected ,as I have been
torn in many directions.
I am trying to focus, but what's the goal?
When circumstances have the greatest hold.
The difficulty of emotions aggravates my spirit.

To place demands upon love extinguishes the fire,
 for the flame of love cannot be controlled.
Happiness grows out of Love! 

Without love it is just an imitation of happiness.

I have always been sensitive to my surroundings, picking up on the energy around me. Whether that energy is of a positive or negative nature, I can feel it as it toys with my emotions.

 I listened as my older children spoke of where their moral conduct was initiated. My eldest said "his christian up bringing gave him a blue print to follow in life", to that my second born said that all he learned to respect came from his mother, he said" she is responsible for his values."  They argued back and forth as my eldest said" it was her teaching of Christianity that she instilled in you." I taught my children to think, to speak, and to listen to their inner being. This gave to each them the opportunity to explore their own purpose in life and to where it made lead. 

I never thought of myself as a great parent, I found parenting at times to be quite a struggle. If anything my goal was to guide and to listen and to be there when they needed me.Home is meant to be our safe haven, where love is abundant and where there is a greater understanding of what is expected of our being of this very limit time on earth. 
An abundance of love leaves no room for hatred.

The reflection of your love as seen through my daily actions,
 secure, powerful, magical and warm.

As the colors of spring flow through the hollow, the picturesque view gives us a glimpse of paradise. Though true paradise has nothing to do with the physical, as it is defined by our love for life and how we keep our heart open.


I am secure in the fact I have walked this earth through love, 

only to find it was love which journeyed through me.

Love is the sweetness of your embrace on dark and cloudy days.

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Mark said...

You have a done a wonderful and continue to do a wonderful job as a parent. You are love and that comes through in everything you do.