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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rescued from the archives...

Angels of heaven hear my plea,
my heart and soul dance restlessly.
Guide his hands to gently trace ,
the love of life within him placed.
Allow his lips to feel my kiss and
taste the sweetness of honey bliss.
As his eyes begin to close, whisper
softly I love him so.
Darkness drape the night and turn
on the brightness of the stars of high.
My arms opened, my spirit free,
awaits his love for eternity.
The wind howls of vulnerability,it knows the power of command as it whips the trees into dancing to the wordless winds demands. Tucked within the hollow, motionless was I, as the hills fought furiously, the winds lifted to the sky. Golden flowers in every shade and hue bloomed despite the forcast that spring just might be doomed.

I believe in the power of the angels for
only goodness can come from love...
If I could hold still one moment and make forever mine,
I'd choose your arms to hold me as we drift in the sublime.
The loft beyond the staircase is where I use to hide,
child like in behavior, I ran and hid within my mind.


Disturbed Stranger said...

Oh I love the rhyme scheme!
Twisted words, very vivid.

well done.
cleverly written.

Mark said...

Excellent! Loved your rhythmic thoughts.

Wendy said...

Beautiful! Only good comes from Love - I like that.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your understanding comments.

flor. said...

We need more love in the world

JMP said...

Just passing through and like a park bench a nice place to stop and enjoy the view.