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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I found it...

The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains, I swear it could talk.The sound of music fills the air as the melody reminds me of the one who cares . The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains, I swear it could talk. Stories of happiness yet to be told, written in the wind slowly unfold. The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains , I swear it could talk. Spoke of yesterday when you took my hand and we danced in the hollow from a distant land. The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains, I swear it could talk.


Felix said...

Such beauty!

Anonymous said...

This poem is perfect. To be relaxed and blanketed by water, the spirit that flows through all. It certainly does talk to those who listen.

Kirigalpoththa said...


Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you

Rachel C Miller said...

Natural Moments,
Nature can be one's salvation or prison. Interpretation leads to either a freedom of the soul or it's restraints.
Thank you for your visit and sharing of your thoughts.

Rachel C Miller said...


I am glad you appreciate the beauty, the Adirondacks have been known to be called "God's Country" A slice of natures beauty.
Thank you for your visit.

Mark said...

Water is such a powerful metaphor for many aspects of life. May we have the power and strength of water and also the adaptability of water. Water does not seek a form that fits it, water always fits the form.

Rachel C Miller said...

I have always found nature to be a powerful teacher. Through the element of survival, we find the strength to surface beyond the perils of life. Like all that we encompass in life, to do so with respect, reflects back on us the courage of will.
Thank You for your thoughts...

Loving Annie said...

Yes, the sound of swiftly moving water over rocks is wonderful, isn't it ?

Came by to say hello and thank you for the thoghtful comment that you left to me on Mark's blog.

I could forgive if the offesne wasn't repeated on an ongoing basis - and there was ANY sort of remorse at all - or even understanding/acknowledgement of what he does/has done.

But to act as though HE is a victim, to demand constant praise, to be so blind to what he is and does with his gratuitous and incessant cruelties, I'm just not high enough on a spiritual leevl to forgive him.

Do I understand ? Yes. I know why he is the way he is.
Do I feel empathy or compassion to a small degree ? Yes.
But forgive ? Not there yet.
I think if we didn't speak ever again, come some years hence, I could.

It is one of the reasons I did not have children of my own. To ensure that not only would I never make any of the same mistakes - but that I would never subject them to a grandparent so unbelievably destructive to anyone's tender Soul.

Rachel C Miller said...

Dear Annie,
Thank you for coming by for a visit and leaving your comment. A good mentor once told me that in order to maintain strength and dilegence one must be around strong and positive people. for the negative will drain us surely as a short in wiring will drain a battery taking all the positive charge and grounding in to the frame of the vehicle. A friend and mentor shared that with me. There is a time in our life when we need to take the step, move on surround ourselves with positive people.
They say we are the enabler if we allow someone to continue to use us in a negative fashion. Time to think about Annie and Annie's wants and desires.

Rachel C Miller said...

The beauty of forgiveness is in the healing of our own heart and soul.