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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 30, 2009

The words... till the ends of time.

My heart is the vessel in which my soul seeks passage.

What words have yet to be written and what songs are still left to sing? My soul responded quickly, " we have all eternity". My heart took unto singing ,the words joyously devised, to rewrite the wrongs of life and walk with you side by side.

No longer shall I close my eyes, my soul no longer needs to cry, visions of your love, have taken over my mind. Can you hear the words! my love ? Can you feel them inside?Release the chains of madness and reach out and pull me by your side.

Wordless vibrations feel the room, as I celebrate in dance with you. La la la my heart sings, la la la sings out loud, la la la with the heavens, la la la I shout. La la la my heart sings, la la la out loud, la la la with the heavens, la la la I shout.


Mark said...

Your heart sings a beautiful melody of love.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful love songs, poems, you have shared with us recently. . . The recipient of your love is truely blessed!!!! I see that you have published a book, which I plan to purchase. However, it would serve well if you would also publish some gift cards. . . as your words truely tell beautiful love stories.

Thanks for sharing as always,

Peace, Light and Love. . .

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Mark,
Thank you for the lovely comment. Sometimes I feel like I froze in time and can remember so being ten years old. A child that begins to see as an adult.
When I had my first child they said, get down to a childs level and view their surroundings.
I always hope to keep the ten year old alive and view life uncomplicated.
Love is Grand!

Rachel C Miller said...

Dear Cordieb,
It was a lovely comment to wake up to, I feel as if we met for tea and coffee.
Sometimes I read to much as if I begun to analyze my actions, makes life quite predictable.
It is in experiencing the daggers of anothers dysfunction, that makes true so much more attractive.
Thank you for the boost of confidence in reference to my writing. I do travel from April through December to many locations throughout the North East selling framed work, as well as greeting cards and my writing on mug and gifts etc.
I have been meaning to work on a calender of events and post it, "Queen of Procrastination" yes that would be me.
www.2onacloud.com is currently down but they are working on it, where you can find a sampling of my writing. From out limited edition military poem to those on love and life, friendship as well as gift ideas.

I love the events the most because I actually get to meet the people who hang my work in their homes, and that in itself is such a reward. Ego stroking maybe, but a little deeper than that, as my goal was that one poem may stand the test of time. That is everlasting love...

...and your welcome, I am blessd to have your visits.

Liara Covert said...

Senses are always open. The mind is sometimes closed. To dissolve the ego enables one to open the mind and sense what has always been. Found your blog through Naked Soul. Fascianting stuff here!

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you Liara for your visit. Life is always a little bit crazy, but I think " in love is a good crazy"