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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet Interludes

Like a swallowtail emerging from the cocoon,
I anxiously anticipate tomorrow.
Fly with me!

A dream like intermission
, surreal as can be, removes the many mountain as it controls the rhythm of the sea.Whispers of the heart challenge the heavens high, to break the barriers which silence the mind. Pleasuring the moment, pleading with your soul, to look beyond all darkness and allow the beauty of your love to unfold.

There Are No Secrets

Reflection of the heavens, from the rivers to the sky,display the beauty of the heart through the hours we call time. Behold the rays of the morning sun, warm against the flesh, a reminder of our love, at the souls request.

Congratulate the seasons they reveal our love so well, from the first fallen snowflake to the song birds of spring all while summer races to the colors that autumn brings.

There are no secrets, our love is everywhere as each day documents how love shall persevere. You know it in your heart and you see it with your soul and still you can feel it as it has us kicking up our heels.
I tell my heart that to feed the hunger of desire,
one must embrace the moment and release
the weight of our yesterdays.

Why do I cry? Because I allowed my heart to feel the agitation
that comes when need battles with my wants.

Wooden petals never die,
they also have not yet lived.

Lost in his world or lost to his world?


The mind shatters like crystal, the fragments everywhere.
Some so small they splinter as a reminder that you're here.
Love has no boundaries, it knows nothing of fear,
the grace of the heavens makes the beauty so clear.
Lust is external, its needs will expire,
but love is eternal and there is our power.


Anonymous said...

Your poetry always leaves me feeling inspired like dawn's first sun light peering through my window to inspire me to awaken to another wondrous day! Thank you for sharing. It really helps me!

Rachel C Miller said...

Dear Cordieb,
Inspiration is lifes next step. I am pleased you find the words inspiring. The rays of the new day enlighten us so, a reminder how simplicity encourages our love to grow.

Many become in touch with the outer world,few will view from the outside in.

Mark said...

Lust is external, its needs will expire, but love is eternal and there is our power.

Love this line, the difference between spirit and ego. Beautiful inspired writing.