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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

When in doubt, I just hold a little tighter.... ok a lot tighter

I could script to the clouds
and send to you my love,
all my love, all my love.

I cloud beg the rivers flow,
to redirect and love bestow,
oh my love, oh my love.

The catkins high up on the willow, reaches to the sun,
the display in preparation for a season that has not yet begun.

The woodlands not embracing, still dormant, dark and cool, await
the moment of sunlight, leary as not to be a fool.

Spring time is approaching, it is trickery indeed, but the days are
a little longer and to that my heart shall sing.

What I know

I know my heart had never seen such beauty in the world, until you held my hand and cast your magic with a simple spell. The trees took on a color, bolder and beauty bright and to this it gave the seasons the gift of sight. I knew there was something special, my heart felt it so, as powerful as a storm under the sky of a big rainbow. The magic undeniable, took the miles and made them disappears and from mountain to mountain a bridge of life appeared.

I know my heart had never felt what is unconditional to many, until I felt the pang of love deep within my heart, so much so, the friction, ignited the moment, a self defined spark. The flame was uncontrollable, wild it grew and grew, taking over the mountains, it left nothing but desire, so warm and wonderful it gave meaning to the hour.

I know my heart knew know such words, until the soul set free, unlocking the love and welcoming the dreams. There was song in the morning and music in the night and to that an accompaniment of song birds in flight. Whispers of love directed to the heart, sometimes warm and wonderful, occassionally confusing as can be, and other times I understand, that they were only meant for me.


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