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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Spring!

My son and I were heavily into a debate, to when spring officially arrives. I quickly responded, the calendar is marked March 21 st and he said Spring arrives when nature speaks. The weather is filled with a mixed bag of tricks from, sunlit days, to the here today gone tomorrow snowflakes. He said do you hear them? Hear what? The frogs, the frogs are singing and the sounds are beautiful. It was indeed a wonderful sound, and one of the first but not the only signs that spring was quickly approaching. The pussy willow which had grown twice its size in just one season, the branches covered with soft fur like catkins reached high up into the sky. The Carolina wren who stayed the winter season, was gathering dried grass plumes and soft downy feathers from the ducks to line her new spring nest. The stream was moving faster than normal as most of the mountain ice and snow had melted and the remains flowed over the rock as it entered into the stream. Each year the the rising waters document this time of year as the spring thaw.  

Winter, the season is no longer than any other, yet the darkness and the cold always make it feel twice as long as any other time of the year. The changing of the clocks appear to work with mother nature as it  closes the door on days of darkness. It seemed shorter this year than most, I felt as if January flew by and February was a little more difficult but as soon as I was thinking the first of the month, I was already moving on to March. 

The seasons have not necessarily responded like I remember them so much as a kid. March was always the traditional windy season. The time where you needed a light jacket and you took to  the fields to see who could fly their kite the highest. April was the season of rain and of course this brought the ever so chanted quote, " April showers, brings May flowers" No matter what the weather is like and when, I welcome this time of year and the beauty as life begins again and seen through out the hills and valleys. The transformation of the hollow in itself is an amazing experience. I can't say that I will miss the gray of the thicket and the patches of grass which died back. I watch as it all awakens and the beauty begins to emerge. Like a bear that hibernates, I also felt the beauty of spring as it pulled at the strings of my heart and awakened my spirit. 


The crocus rising deep from the cool and crusted earth, breaking the soil, the green leaves initiate the birth. Spring has surfaced, signs are everywhere and I am so happy for each and every day you and I have to share. 

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