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Friday, March 27, 2009

One love, many emotions

We are born of love, from the time of conception, we begin the journey through love and desire. There are many different definition for that which is love. From the womb to our mothers arms to the world that awaits, all become part of the great journey, as we explore the emotions deep within us.
There is a great difference between, love, in love and desire, each reveals what we are capable of as we experience all that life has to offer. Oliver Wendell Holmes said that " Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness" Incredible that such a positive emotion can trigger such an ache when we feel it slip from our grasp. Love is acceptance, in love is passion and desire is the irresistible urge to share heart, soul and body. Together the above emotions are the fire that never dies, the eternal flame that rages deep inside.
Today I spent over an hour on the phone with a young woman who is suffering from the ache of a break up. I listened as she spoke, "I love him so much, even if he doesn't come back to me, I just want him to be happy." It was obvious she deeply cared for him, concerned with his well being and tearing as she spoke. My heart went out to her, as she shared with me the days she felt the deepest of devotion. She talked of her heaven and I felt her hell. I could understand in her young life, how she was planning for her future, to share the moments with someone she greatly cared for, some one she loved, was in love with and desired. I tried to bring her some peace in allowing her to know that I saw in him, the reflection of her love and what it was capable of . She thanked me as she said, I didn't think anyone could understand. Not to understand is not to have felt love and than had it stripped from you.
What is right or wrong or is there a right or wrong? Standing on the stage of truth, the first thing that catches most peoples attention is the physical and from there we get to know the person on the inside. I imagined this young couple were not balanced in their love. That one felt more passion, more desire, more love, more of a connection. Sometimes there is a rush that comes out of need, to love is to be loved. We all have voids that need to be filled. Love is the strings of the heart which play on the emotions of the soul.
The day had progressed quickly and I found myself dwelling on the conversation. In her young life she was on the path of experience. My head felt as if it were spinning, there was in my life a time where I loved without judgment, asked nothing and gave everything. Why is it that what once felt so perfect like a never ending winter fire, could be extinguished with just one breath?
Betrayal comes in many forms, for love always puts each other first, always understands and when the threads of love are severed, the fall finds a heart shattered in pieces.
The healing process comes with the ability to view love in its raw form. The unconditional love that mother earth showers on us. Where we thirst, we find water, where we hunger, food and the morning greets us with the rise of the sun and the night blankets us with the glory of the evening sky. So beautiful is this love that we become one with the world and become capable of sharing the treasures of life.
There were certainly no words that could set the mind at peace, no actions at this time that would speed the healing of a broken heart. Falling in love is and addiction, you crave, hunger and desire to share every conscious and unconscious moment. Just as we feel the adrenaline pump within our body, love sends a chemical to the brain, which in turn creates a sparkle in the eyes, a fire in the heart and a hunger that devours all that is and will be.

When one loves it is wonderful,
when both love it is magnificent.
As the day quickly comes to an end, I reviewed my own emotions. Love cannot be filed away to be pulled out at a given time. Love is with us always and is seen in all that we do and all that we are. It is ongoing and truly without an end, it can morph, grow stronger, or weaker,but it cannot die. Each experience is unique to that moment, each string played on the heart, sings it own tune. It is our hunger for more that places a sense of confusion within us. What more I beg you can the soul need, it loves, it lives, it sings from the heart and dances in the heavens. A tear falls, a heart weeps, a soul struggles to understand.
The heart never ages,
it knows nothing of time,
incredibly speaking it
works with the mind.


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