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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, March 06, 2009

...the night

Here is my hand, I give to you my hand,
it is a sign of my trust in your willingness
to walk beside me with blind faith.
Here is my heart, I give to you my heart,
as a reminder of how deep and
passionate my love is for you.
Here is my desire, I give to you my desire,
it dances in the heavens and reflects
down upon the earth.
Here are my dreams, I give to you my dreams.
it is the visions of all that we can be
and all that we are.
Here is my world, I give to you my world,
the moon to blanket you in the night
and the sun to wake you
with my kiss.
Here is my love, I give to you my love,
to embrace every moment and
to lock in eternity.
Here are my tears, I give to you my tears.
to awaken your soul with the sweetness of life
and the bitterness of distance.
As the stars kiss the night sky,
I hunger for your sweet embrace.
I knew as we danced in the moment,
the embrace of sweet love
held tight my heart.

Breathe deeply and allow the infusion of love
to flow from my heart to yours.

The dreams are an extension of our love.
... you'll know I feel it to.

I marvel at such perfection as the distance of the sun, the timing of the willow as it begins its leaveless bud. The power of the stream as it cuts through the mountains high and continues onward to flow one with the rivers wide.

Captivated by the battle of the seasons in change, as the signs of spring are surfacing and winter still makes a play. My spirit awakens to feel the rush of desire,the power of the wind the love which to the heart empowers.

I stepped away from the perimeter placed by space and time, to find that I was adjoined, heart, soul and mind. No division of the spirit, no separation from the blue, as long as you can feel it, you'll know I feel it to.


In displaying my soul, I validate my love.


My needs and wants are in an agreement...you!

As the drapes of winter fall,
the revelation of my hunger appears.

I am trapped between two worlds,
one of destiny another of my desire.
When my soul feels the restlessness of the moment,
is when I race the wind, going nowhere.

...as wonderful the moment,
my mind was a drift to where you are.

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Buddha said...

I just stopped to say Hi!
I love your blog and I have to come back and do some more reading.
You have a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you soon :)