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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get On Your Running Shoes

                                                 ... looks ahead to the dreams of tomorrow.

                                               I know that today is nothing like yesterday 
and tomorrow will be nothing like today. 
Our vulnerability writes each chapter.
  The beauty is revealed on a daily basis,
     open your heart to train your eyes to see. 


We have all heard the catch phrase "to stop and smell the roses" as I was on my six mile adventure, I realized I was concentrating on finishing the trail than taking in my surroundings. I didn't literally stop at every bend, but I did allow my spirit to become one with the run. A pair of mated cardinals, a ground hog on the run and the hawk high in the blue sky soaring just for fun. The sun was so inviting, it's rays against my cheek reminded me of your love and how much you mean to me. Oh! the river a shade of  blue, reflects what love can do, as it flows downstream, it sends my love to you. 
Pull me close, hold me tight and say I love you.  
Pulls you close, holds you tight and says I love you.


1 comment:

Mark said...

I love the pictures and captions. The six mile run sounds like a wonderful time, thanks for sharing that moment.