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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Welcome The Rain

I have always believed in a source of energy that is expelled from people and our surroundings. The energy can be from either a positive or a negative source and can bring harmony or a sense of disarray. I find that teetering between the various energy without the necessary balance can be disastrous. Balance the key crucial to our well being. With the positive barriers put in place we actually digest the negativity and creates a stage in which we can outperform the next moment. One of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quotes, " into each life a little rain must fall" can be interpreted in many ways. The falling of the rain can actually cleanse the spirit, inspire strength, renew, etc. Our own interpretation depends on our mind set, who and what we allow into our spiritual space. Weigh not in heaviness, for your love has lifted my soul. I find it incredible what we can absorb and spew when consumed with nature and her ability to educate, though the tongue remains in silence, the winds roar and the seasons sing, to the whispers of desire.
The placing of the scenery becomes almost as important as what we do within the scenery. The sky is always blue, behind the darkened clouds and the apparitions of gray, a blue, blue of the heavens has been placed and never shall it fade. The sun still rises with each break of day and whether we choose to see the light is the gift we have to gain. Darkened was the hand that grasped to hold us down, until the warmth of happiness brought to our life a smile. We call them storms, the thunder, snow and rain, but to the heart an awakening, with respect the day is claimed.
Imagine for the moment, the rain is falling down and each raindrop sizzles upon the body as the heat of love is found. The chill causes one to quiver, the power it conveys, reminds me how important life, the flame within the rain. My heart and your heart in unison beat as one and our souls so ever bonded for the sake of love.
Not a matter of grasping, hungry we devour, the grace of the heavens with each passing second of an hour. We laugh at the distance, it has no control, as it tries to separate the spirit, but the rivers are the fool. I see the waves as a way to send you all my love, to bridge the earth to the heavens above. The mountains not a wall, dissipate like sand, for all of nature knows our love is in command.

Each time you take my hand,
my soul dances to the song in my heart.

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