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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Angels Stopped To Smile...

I can't recall if the sun was shining,or if the day was cast in rain. All I know is that something happened and it just kept getting better everyday. The days became shorter and in the nights I danced to song and I knew that this was more than special, in your arms is where I belonged. I asked about the timing, why did it take so long? Why were the roads so winding and the barriers so tall and strong? The wind nipped the spirit, the sun cast away the gray and the angels stopped to smile down on us and to our hearts convey. Compare not to sorrow, let the darkness fade, the reflection from the heavens had chosen to shine on you and I that day.


cordieb said...

When Angels Stopped to Smile. . . what a beautiful poem and what wonderful thoughts. Thanks for creating and sharing!!!

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you! I never imagined writing for others to view or read. Sometimes I say pinch, wake me up! Maybe it is so that sometimes we don't find the road, the road indeed finds us.