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Monday, March 23, 2009

Reluctant was I

Reluctant was I to challenge the mind, to battle the day and allow my soul a say. I don't know the why, or how it all began, the mountains disappeared and all of a sudden you were there. My heart skipped a beat, oh! the sounds of love sweet, lost in your embrace, we are heaven graced.Reluctant was I to challenge the mind, to battle the day and allow my soul a say. I don't know the why, or how it all began...

A Captive Moment
The crocus brings to spring,
what your love brought to my heart.

Ice crystals blanket the hollow with a translucent glaze,
 eminent is the revelation of our vulnerability, as we 
fall to the mercy of mother nature. 
No tears fall yet my heart weeps. 
Imaging all the possibilities... smiles!

The season is quickly approaching. I'll be attending several events that have become regulars from the local ramp fest in April, the memorial day event in state college. I am looking forward to going to GFWC  it is a great organization that does volunteer work on both a local and international level. With this group you will find a wonderful group of women working towards the same goal to better our communities. 
I will be attending  the Pennsylvania conference on May 2nd and for more information check with your local chapter or go to www.GFWC.org. I enjoy working this event, as I find the women exude confidence and are a treasure to accompany. Interested in helping your community, I seriously urge you to research and consider joining a group of women who know that commitment will bring results and have been doing so for many years.  I added a little information of the history of the www.GFWC.org  website, for more information look up the website direct.

History and Mission 
The General Federation of Women's Clubs is an international women's organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. 

1868: GFWC's roots can be traced back to 1868 when Jane Cunningham Croly (1829-1901), a professional New York journalist who wrote under the pen name of Jennie June, attempted to attend a dinner at an all-male press club honoring British novelist Charles Dickens. Croly was denied admittance based upon her gender, and, in response, she formed a club for women. She chose the name Sorosis, a Greek word meaning "an aggregation; a sweet flavor of many fruits."

1890: Jane Croly, founder of Sorosis, extended an invitation to women's clubs throughout the United States to attend a ratification convention in New York City. Sixty-three clubs attended on April 23-25 and took action to form the General Federation of Women's Clubs. 

1898: GFWC unanimously passed a resolution against child labor. With the help of clubwoman Jane Addams (1860-1935), child labor became a major area of concern for the Federation. In 1901, Addams headed the Federation's Child Labor Committee to etc for more information or to join a chapter in your area, you can look it up on www.GFWC.org. Together we can make a difference. 
I'll be listing events as I secure dates and times, as always you can find me weekly at the local summer and fall market starting in May, 2009.
If already a member of GFWC, I hope to see you in may at GFWC Pennsylvania | May 1-2, 2009
Woodloch Pines Resort | RR1 Box 280 | Hawley, PA 18428
As a member of gfwc i urge you to at least educate yourself about GFWC as you will find it to be an enlightening experience. In giving you will find the rewards amazing. 

Strength in Numbers--GFWC's Accomplishments
One need look no further than their local woman's club to find the key to community improvement. The dedication of our more than 100,000 GFWC clubwomen have made it possible to achieve the following:
Generously contributed $180,000 for a fully-equipped ambulance to be used by the New York City Fire Department in response to the loss of equipment suffered as the result of 9/11
Fulfilled a commitment to America's Promise by raising and donating over $135 million in books and materials to public libraries and public school libraries through its Libraries 2000 Programs
Partnered with the President's Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History in an effort to increase awareness of the important role women have played in local communities since our country was founded
Sponsored a nationwide discussion on the changing roles of women through "Which Way Forward for Women?" forums
Initiated the annual Jane Cunningham Croly/GFWC Print Journalist Contest for Excellence in Covering Issues of Concern to Women
Attended a ceremony in Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1994 at which time GFWC founder Jane Cunningham Croly was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.
Initiated a Safety for Older Americans ProgramInstituted a Youth Suicide Prevention ProgramFounded the GFWC Women's History and Resource Center
Started an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education Program for women and children
Supported equal pay for equal work
Been recognized as the first women's organization to endorse the Peace Corps
Been recognized as the first women's organization to implement an AIDS education program.

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