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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Kisses Good Night

The brightest star,the bluest sky,
the finest dream and you and I

Place no restrictions upon the heart,
 free the soul of expectation and
there you will find love
 without heartache. 

Love is such a strong emotion,
where there is sorrow, there is tears,
where laughter, there is happiness,
where dreams, there is faith. 

I knew.... the stars were brighter, 
the sun warmer, the grass greener,
and my heart sang to my soul's desire. 

We were given life in it's perfection,
and our blatant disregard for this simplistic
form of beauty revealed the
flaws of humanity.

Complicated by foolishness!

The heart trembled,a tear fell, 
and a dream was realized.

I am neither happy nor sad,
I am indifferent.

Like the wind to the mountains,
my love to your heart.

I am in need of your embrace,
hold me and love me.

The road is not as long as
I once thought...
Where there are dreams,
there is hope.

The best dance is in the
arms of love.

I'll meet you on the clouds,I'll hold you tight,
I'll whisper I love you and gaze at the stars bright.

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