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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21st

A very wise man once said, 
that the chapters in life will become a 
fond memory...hops, skips and jumps a few chapters. 
You are the love I feel each morning, 
the summer sunshine that chases the storms. 
You are the dreams I race to at night, 
at the mere thought of holding you tight. 

Angels in the heavens,
stars high up in the sky,
rainbows for crossing and
your love entwine with mine.

Tear drops for cleansing,
smiles to dry the eyes and
happiness forever when
you my friend said hi.

An amazing second day of spring,
the sun shining through the window,
the visit of the cooing morning doves
and a page in the on going saga.
If you believe and trust in me and
I in you, we can build a bridge
where happiness strolls through.

If you can share your love and I
share mine with you, the heavens
will take on s different shade of blue.

You'll feet in in your heart, you'll
know it to be true, that we have
made a difference, me and you.


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