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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Two Souls

Miles and miles between them, 
as the darkness overwhelms,
the hunger of two hearts that 
cross the barriers with morning

He longs to kiss her lips and
pleasure each moment of the
day with the warmth of his 
love in the most amazing way. 

She whispers in the darkness,
and to the heavens she pleads, 
" to feel his love when she 
awakens from her morning dream"

Troubled spirits, a turmoil 
for two, as the day brings
varied trials, where they 
know not what to do. 

He gave to her his friendship,
she returned it with a smile, 
and a longing to close the
gap of the distant time and miles. 

Several tears had fallen,
 as she questioned. "Who 
wrote the script of love
separated by the rivers, 
mountains and  the clouds

He shares with her his energy,
his gift of giving life and she
accepted it so graciously, 
morning, noon and night.  

Every story has a beginning
more than a chapter or two, 
but this story has no ending,
as it is written in the sky of blue.

She wiped away her tears, a strand
of hair she brushed from her cheek,
as she once more closed her eyes
and imagined just how wonderful
life could be. 

No one can for see where the journey
will take them and as you gaze unto
the night sky and watch the stars 
shining bright, a reflection can be 
seen, as they merge heart and soul
in flight.


Many thoughts have entered my mind over the last few days. I quickly sifted  through allowing the negative to fall through while holding on to the positive. There are many experiences that surfaced which I truly did not have the full capacity at the time to understand. As time goes on and we are bluntly provided with a road trip tip down vulnerability lane. I looked around at the reminders of a full range of of accomplishments. Some on a personal note and others in the span of a more professional level. The question of "who am I ?" came to mind. It had to do with my daughter a lovely and attractive teenager in her junior year of high school. She has her share of friends and yet faces array of jealously factors. We discussed who she is. She said "I think people don't relate, I believe they think I am a little weird. " Then to the the event this pass Saturday where she worked with me for the day. Many people coming up to her and saying " is this your daughter?, she is so lovely just like her mom" That always irritates her, she said " I look nothing like you mom!" I tried to explain to her,what people see is not always the obvious. It could be an action, a reaction, the way you smile, the way you move or the way you wear your heart on your sleeve. She in that so obvious teenage way, rolled her eyes and shook her head. Actually she is allot like me and in many ways it comes through.  From her emotions and her views of life and even in her abilities you can see the similarities of our personality. I remember discussing the same topic with my mother as she has done with me. It is not always easy to follow your heart and soul, but never the less it is rewarding. 
The trials and triumphs... I have made my share of mistakes. But I don't know being who I am if given the chance to do it over, would I have chose a different path. I feel as if I stand before the world as an unfinished puzzle. Each experience places another piece with the soul based puzzle. Do we know when the puzzle is complete ? My eyes swell as I try to hold back the tears. Many people believe you do, that you know when the journey enters a dead end road. I feel a chill, I try to shake it off. I don't whether it was from the cool air and lower temperatures or the travel down the path of experience that sent a quiver through my spine. 
I reached for my  favorite peppermint tea, it had already chilled down to room temperature. The stories all started to merge together, like a collage in disarray. At this point none of it really seemed to matter. What was more important was, what road do I take now?, what choices do I make? what can I do different? There are many people who leave an impact on you. I feel as I am trying to pull it all together and make sense of it. Who am I? as my daughter would say " I think people think I am a little bit weird." But it all circles around to that which fell through the sifter. Do I toss the negativity away? do I bury it deep inside me? or do I use it as a lesson in life to guide me to a better place?  My eyes closed as I type, I take a deep breath and slowly exhaling, clear my mind and blow away the pain of my yesterdays. Replacing the darkness with the warmth of your love quickly brought a smile to my face. I laughed to myself as I thought yes we have risen above the darkness and are on the journey forward. In my luggage, I packed the happiness we have shared, the warmth and love and the magic that dreams provide us with. It is amazing what one can do with just a small amount of willingness. My desk piled high with papers, I could barely find my framed Choo Choo picture. I think I can! I know I can! a little bit of  Blood sweat and tears as I sing> " You've made me so very happy, I am so glad you came into my life"

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Margie said...

Loved the poem, Rachel and it was also lovely to read about you and your daughter.

Blessings to both of you.