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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Without You

It is not a dark and gloomy November day,
for I feel your love bright and your heart
warm touch my very soul. 


Priceless treasures are with us
 from the moment we open our eyes. 


I would rather write the words of love for all eternity
than scatters words of heartache so that sorrow may breed. 

Sings> I don't need a mountain to shout
from heavens high, my heart does the
whispering of the love that lives for
all time.

I don't need a story to tell you how
much I care, the words indelible are
written like magic through the air.

I don't need a song to sing of our love,
my souls plays upon the heart the music
of our ever lasting love.

I don't need a dream to cast you in my arms,
you have been there from day one safe with
in my heart.

I don't need  a ship to sail my love to you,
I placed it on a cloud and I sent my love
to you.

I don't need reminders like blue birds in
the sky, the sunrise in the morning, I have
the look in your eyes.

I don't need a memory of yesterday, all
I ever wanted is your love to never fade

I don't need rainbows arched across the
sky, all I truly need is  sweetness of
your lips to mine.

I don't need strangers to acknowledge
how I feel, as long as you know it
all is right with the world.

I don't need to write a poem a day,
but as long as my hands are willing ,
my heart will write forever and a day.

I don't need anything but you, for you
my love are the meaning of the sky

Happiness is an incredible emotion
 gifted to anyone willing to accept. 

Smile and be happy,
no clouds of gray,
I am there with you.
throughout the day.

Smile and be happy,
grateful am I , for
the magic of life,that
put you by my side.

Smile and be happy,
this moment is true,
from the moment you
whispered I love you.

Smile and be happy,
pull that joy from inside
like the stars in the heavens,
our love will shine bright.


There is no sunshine in the morning,
no nightly stars shining bright,
no laughter without you,
no love without you in my life.

There is no music in the air,
no doves above the mountains high,
no signs of love until I look
into your heart and gaze into your eyes.

Without you the skies loses their
brilliant blue, the clouds drift away
and all that remains is the darkness
that distance creates.

Sings>Without you,
 there is no love,
 no joy in my heart,
only sadness and loneliness
from that which keeps you
a far.

Without you,
there is no dreams
no dance on the clouds,
no arms to catch me,
when I am falling down.

Without you,
there is no meaning,
to the moment in the day,
no reasoning that we should
be separated by clouds of

Without out you,
I am lonely, sad and blue,
wishing on the stars
for my dreams to come

The absence of your love creates a
 void that cannot be filled. 


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