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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, March 04, 2016

Forever Love

In my heart a story of
our sweet forever love,
magical as it can be
it brought you to me.

You are the sun that
shines in my morning,
the blue that blankets
my dark of night.

You are the love
I treasure so and
the love I can't
and won't let go.

You are my desire that
grows with the hour,
powerful as it can be
it control the thoughts
in me.

Time has revealed
the truth of what I feel,
a love so wonderful
it embraces all of life.

I just need for you to know
that rain will replace the snow,
unlike the seasons that come and
go my love for you remains.

Stronger and stronger each day
the need for you never fades,
three hundred and fifty six
times eternity and I'll still be
loving you.

You are the rose that blooms
the hummingbird that feeds at noon,
you are my everything , you're the
love of my life.

My heart tells a story true
of what real love can do,
bring to life the hollow and hills
and paints them in every shade and hue.

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