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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Greater Self

My soul recognizes what
my heart has already seen,
for love takes the world and
creates a whole different view.

Where there was sadness
 now overflowing with joy,
where tears once fell,
replaced with laughter.

Denial lives on in the  mind
but the heart speaks of truth
and the soul concurs that
true love is eternal.

It is written not upon paper
but scripted in the heavens
where earth and time have
no place within its reign.

I cannot challenge the emotion
nor release the hold upon my soul,
as two beings came into view
and one silhouette walked away.

I am who I have always been
except with you I am my greater self,
whole in spirit, complete with love
securely embraced in peace.

There is but one love
that united two hearts,
one dream that bonds
ours souls as if by magic.


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