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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Most written and talked about topic, time. I remember older folks would say " the older you get the faster time goes by." I didn't think that it was possible that time could go any faster.  Everyone either wants to freeze, stand still, slow down, spare  or go back in time .  But obviously we can't do any of the above. It kind of leans on the topic of regrets or what I would do differently.  When I looked back at where I was and where I am now, I can't believe how many years have passed. Partly I feel that I spent a good bit of time trying to change or redirect the path. Well that too has to do with time. In many ways the struggle seem to oh yeah " waste time. "
I looked at this thing we call timing. When we meet a person and when a person exits our life. How long they stay and if they stay at all. Timing plays a crucial part in our lives. How we react and the choices we make are they dependent on timing? I would have to say yes. That just maybe we are a little different at various times in our life. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom a broader view of life. It is true as time goes by we can view the very same situation in a very different light.
I don't know how often I have heard the term " time heals." The expression that refers to easying of pain. We feel pain in so many ways and softening the blow is not always easy. Sometimes the feeling of hurt passes as time goes on or not . Honestly I don't think time does heal all wounds . On the contrary as we mature we take on a different view and this allows us to digest the ache and soften the blow to the heart.
This time thing is catchy so we have another phrase, " only time will tell." No matter our wants or needs , every story has and ending and "only time will tell". What is our place in the world? Where will our journey take us? What will we leave behind? " Only time will tell."
Then there is the case of the same scenario "time after time." When we have the same outcome no matter what we do. Which means the wise man knows which path to take because the outcome will always be the same. Maybe its the same because we are comfortable. Even when things aren't as they should be , we go about on a routine. I think this routine is familiarity because the unknown is much more difficult than knowing what is over a hill or around the bend . I guess it's a case of no surprises.
There are years that I just can't grasp as if I were" lost in time." It is a period of time you can't get back. So as we move on with time, I prefer to acknowledge my choices as the part of the journey that they are. There is a lot about time we have no control over and little that we do. So I take this time to tell you what you mean to me.

I wanna take this moment
to share my love with you,
as I tell you how I feel and
let that warmth come thru.

You are my sunshine
the warmth I feel each day,
you are my starry night
that makes each day like May.

I wanna take this moment
and whisper words of love,
to you my sweet angel
my heart speaks of our love.

You are my stars at night
shining so ever bright,
lighting the path to the
dreams I'll have tonight.

So now at this very second
where distance parts our souls,
Passionately reaching out to you
and let the energy unfold .

This is our time,
to the heavens I document ,
such sweetness and happiness
to you I have sent.

I will embrace the memories,
they took me by surprise,
I never expected our love
to challenge soul and mind.

Explore the impossible,
believe all there is,
remember that I love you
thru thick and thin.

....and love you I do.

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