Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Thinking Place

Standing on the shore
as the water rushed on by,
the sound consuming as
it took on earth and sky.

One with the surrounding hills
as if nothing else could exists
a panoramic view of winter birds
prematurely setting out to build
a nest.

I still felt your energy
as if you were here with me,
gazing at my reflection I
saw two bonded entities .

The wind took to the oak
like an ensemble of loves melody,
as if the rush of winter leaves
were only speaking to me.

The flame within my soul
burns stronger for you and
as time becomes the past
the future unveils what
love can really do.

We are the earth and the sky
the power of the most divine,
for we are love and love is here
and that is what our souls have to

The colts foot in early bloom
as the mallards will be returning ,
a season that says goodbye as
another one soon marches by.

Here I stand beside you
gazing up at the sky blue
daydreaming each moment
one heart times two.

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