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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring in Celebration

The gift of spring is upon us
as its early arrival births a new day,
the season of life within us and again
I take this moment to pray.

Thankful for this feeling and the magic
that took me suddenly by surprise ,
from the moment you first said hello
and met up with this soul of mine.

Taking in the warmth of sunlight,
watching the flowers begin to grow,
childishly spinning around in circles
as your love deep within me flows.

The willow in celebration its
catkins bloom in black and white,
reassuring us of the season
that documents another day of life.

I gaze once more up at the heavens
the skies a deep precious royal blue
dressed in  a celestial finery
to the gray clouds it says adieu.

I feel your presence within me,
you are there safe within my heart,
you've been there from the beginning
when you ignited a passionate spark.

The days might be in passing
and distance may rule the day ,
but as long as you love me
the miles between us will fade.

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