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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Morning Daydreams

Love ...is truly a crazy thing indeed,
that is how you kept this hold on me,
wide awake when I should be sleeping,
it is a crazy thing indeed.

Love..it.has me begging for more,
as I knowing there is more in store,
I keep thinking about those yesterdays,
it has me begging for more.

Love... lifts me up when I am down,
that is how my feet lifted off the ground,
has me floating on the clouds above,
lifts me up when I am down.

You can tell your heart anything you want, 
but its what your heart is telling you. 

It is true I shoulda
and maybe I coulda, 
but with you I woulda
made all those dreams come true. 


How is it I am dancing and 
my feet are standing still?
It must be my heart 
in an emotional thrill. 

As I find myself 
in your arms once more,
waiting on the moment
you really walk thru the door. 

How is it I am singing and
no sound has left my lips ?
The music of the soul 
is a melodic kind of kiss. 

I've been living on dreams 
and waiting for to long, 
as it is true I spent a lifetime 
of simply loving you. 


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