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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, February 06, 2017

Simple Things

I find myself dreaming night and day,
as music in the background softly plays.
Each thought enhanced by your memory
as I dance with you in each and every dream.

I am constantly trying to distract my mind,
it never fails my heart charges in each time.
Surely it doesn't matter what I do or say
everything reminds me of you in different ways.

I feel your love shining like the rays of  sun
warming my heart and soul with your precious love.
From the moment the light shines through my window
I sense your being brightly like the sun as it glows.

It is the simple things I wanna share with you
like waking up and having breakfast for two,
with the candle light between you and I
as our hearts unite for all of time.

Your every song I sing and every poem I write
it's no surprise that you are the center of my life.
My heart changes beat at the sound of your name
and with each moment you are more deeply ingrained.

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