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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, February 03, 2017

Can't Sleep Thoughts

I watched as the night fell 
and again as the sun found its place above the hills. 

...sometimes I think its all a bit crazy 
and than I think well this is life. 


I have found that in the silence 
a shield appears.


....It is true less is more. 


Listening is a skill 
listening to self is an affirmation of the soul. 


They say there are two sides to a story, 
I think the sides to a story are endless. 

What appears as strength is really 
a facade of weakness.

My heart aches for so many reasons,

It is true a heart breaks 
the soul tires...

There are so many hurdles....

Life can be difficult 
but it doesn't have to be. 

When the world is heavy
and I'm feeling numb,
I challenge my spirit
to reach for your love.

Sunshine each morning,
starlight shining bright,
these are a few of the
gifts you bring to my life.

There is no void
when you are here,
I can feel your love
as pure as precious air.

I place my hand over yours
closing the miles and opening doors,
what seems like a blank stare
is the way I bring you here.

There really is such a thing 
as a broken heart. 

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