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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Deep than the Skin

When distance rules the moment
and silence takes center stage,
the voice of heart speaks loudest
through a memory a day.

Unlockng combinations 
the words begin to flow
documenting the moment
our friendship began to grow.

The simple revelation
reveals what we already know,
when hearts come together 
and the momentum doesn't slow.

Amazing the emotions 
that rise from deep within
as we share something special
much deeper than the skin.

When tears flow like rivers 
and sorrow seeps on in, 
I gaze on out the window
and allow the memories in.

Incredible threads of magic,
which bring you so ever near
as I think of all the moments
you and I have yet to share.

It might have been the caring
the honesty in which we delve
or the blessing from the heavens
that placed us in a spell.

Like flowers in the garden
that bloom anew each day,
your love burst in beauty
that causes the soul to crave.

You are the peace of sunrise
that comforts and warms my soul,
the infinite nightly sky
which blankets away the cold.

The image quite breathtaking,
like the unniverse bursting from the heart,
replacing clouds of darkness
with love brighter than any star.

I don't believe in accidents
as I chalk it up to fate
we didn't collide by chance
this unlocking of the gate.

Indeed the path is layered,
with bricks of hope and faith
and love , joy and passion
to get us through the day.

I wake early in the morning
and before I begin to move,
I says my prayers of gratitude
that you are here to see me

I quiver at the notion
that this might be a dream
and I will feel the heartbrake
if this is nothing like it seems.

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