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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, February 06, 2017

Time After Time

As long as there is a song to sing
and music to touch my heart, 
as long as I can dream the dance
you'll never be very far. 

You're in my heart forever,
where you've been from day one
and I feel the magic daily ,
the joy of your sweet love.

The calm of your voice,
the passion of two souls,
as I courtesy to the heavens
in this dream that unfolds. 

No matter the reason, day or time 
you will always be forever mine, 
like the moon rules the night 
your love guides me home.

In a field of flowers or
untop a mountain high, 
home is where we are 
your heart in mine. 

I take this moment each and every day 
to thank the Lord when you first came my way, 
it doesn't matter if the hair begins to gray 
for I will always love you more with each passing
You make me sing songs of love
and dance on the clouds above, 
that is what you do to me 
my one and only dream . 

I take this moment to tell you how I feel
 as I send you a kiss by sheer will. 
From a distance , over mountains high 
my kiss will find you time after time. 

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