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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sealed with a Kiss

               I don't know why " sealed with a kiss" bothers me, except for  
                  the time and place of yesterday, fond memories and skies of gray. 

 I do believe in the uniting of souls...

Sometimes I feel split and fantasy at times is much more pleasant than reality.  I was working outdoors today and it was as if I was preparing my goodbye to the seasons where the flowers, trees and birds rule. I found that all to be a bit discouraging. Potting plants, digging up sun chokes while hoping for a few more days free of  cooler temperatures and the unwanted first frost. 
As I looked around at the hills, the autumn colors were quickly fading. I so wanted to capture and free the moment. I like colors, the colors of the heart, there are many shades. The seen and unseen  appear as you through a kaleidoscopic of the soul and watch as life morphs before you. 
I feel awkwardly stressed and find feel as if I am grasping in all different directions at one time. I quickly remind myself of the precious moments of life. Responsibility at this stage of my life is heavy and as I try to filter through it, so as to surface above it. 
Today I watched as the sun came up over the mountain and the sky was blue and again I watched as it slowly disappear into the hollow and the sky remained blue. I try desperately to hold to the treasures of life, but as I reach out, I find them further and further away. 

                                                 The Rose of Autumn  is a beauty to see,
                                                       petal by petal to sweet memories.
                                                       The water rapidly flowed over the rock,
                                                        as if racing to nowhere, I understand ...

                                                              I like colors it is plain to see,
                                            but this is not a rainbow, it is cast from my memory.

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