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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One, Two, Three

One, two, three talking to an angel,
you and I from the clouds we dangle. 
Looking down over the mountains, 
singing and laughing as the day goes

One, two, three, watching the sunset,
glad the day that you and I first met. 
Smiles from deep inside, remembering
how love took me by surprise. 

One, two, three, don't wake me from
this dream, sleep walking as my heart
sings.Dance with me on the clouds, 
where joy and our love is found. 

You are always beside me,
that much is true, wherever
I go and what ever I do.

No roads between us,
no mountains high, I am
holding your hand,
till the day I die.

You are always beside me,
that much is true, wherever
I go and what ever I do.


I don't care who listens,
or if anyone hears, the
words of love are written
only for your ears.

My heart has spoken,
my soul quickly revealed,
that there is only one true
love from beyond the hills.


Morning,noon and night,
I dream the dreams that
make you mine. Kissed
you good morning, held
you tight, whispered"I
love you" under the
moon light.

Smiled and giggled,
laughed out loud,you're
 my angel and I am your clown .
Dancing there in your arms, safe
and free from harm.

As long as I can reach out and pull you next to me,
I know that I will make it, that I do believe. 

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Margie said...

So beautiful ...