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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Snow

I shouted "it's to early!" as I woke up and looked out the window at the first glimpse of a winter wonderland. No matter what the calendar says, Mother nature has announced an early on set of winter. Life always brings to us a hint of the unexpected. I grabbed the shoes closest to me, my son's over sized boots and I headed for the door. There all around were signs that I was preparing to bring closure to the season of Autumn, my cactus potted, my sun chokes dug up and in a box and roots of various plants ready for storage. I quickly dragged the snow covered plants and boxes into the house. I am so not ready for the cold or the challenges that await me in the early days ahead.
I woke up from a dream I was in the house of a friend long gone. The images were so vivid and the conversation surreal, had one foot in reality and one in the world of dreams.It seems to be constant  little reminders of how short life really is.As I craved to be held and loved, The gateway to ease my soul is through the gates of love, he who walks through them chances to see eternity.

No longer reaching out to he who walks away,
I reached inside to a love given long a go today.
The journey unmistakable, I have walked this
path before, but this one is a little different
it touched at the center of my core.

Breaking through all barriers, my head is held
up high as I hold to you my love and gaze unto
 the blue of the sky.  I shiver as I acknowledge
the distance hell create, but the warmth of your
love our own heaven makes.

The devils response is always unexpected,
lest we begin to think like him.
The chill a reminder of my strengths and my weaknesses. 
The unknown is a very fearful place.
Life is always easiest when walking on a path in truth. 
The cries of the soul, never go unheard, 
but sometimes go unanswered. 
My faith is strong,
my love everlasting. 
My electric blanket is calling, 
a good day to pull it over...

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