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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Crystal Ball

You are always welcome to visit for awhile,
as my heart is always open, 
just bring with you a 

It is not what others see,
 it's what we see in our self.

As I glance over the bric-a- brac on my desk, I find it's like reviewing the past. Yet some of the memento's hint at the future. The snow globe that is a reminder that winter is not that far off and my crystal ball which has yet to give a view of the future. Wanting to know what the future holds has always been a bit intriguing. If we really did know what the future held, would we go about altering it? Unconsciously we would try to change or redirect our actions to either keep us on the same track or maybe choose another path.
I can remember back to my early years, which I remind you seems like yesterday. There I was determined with a very strict set of goals, a path, almost as if I really was in control of my future. In many ways  off and on throughout the journey, I did feel as if I had a plan in which I was following. As time goes on, you find that many things happen and  in the process and we readjust to surface above our human vulnerabilities. When you are a teenager, you never think of getting older, you go without a jacket on the coldest days and you believe you are infallible and that you  are some how exempt from mistakes and failures.
Here I sit many years later and though I take small steps to control my actions and to improve my being both spiritually and physically, I know that I have no clue what tomorrow holds. People and businesses go about desperately trying to predict everything from sports, to the next big commercial success, stock market, future of economy and whether earth will still be suspended in its perfect place from the sun. All the yearning and inquisitive thinking  about the future and the unknown helps to keep the mind growing. In all reality, the only sure thing is that we are here right now, at this very moment and all the control we really have, as limited as that maybe is over the moment . Some might think that all this time spent on predicting the  future is a waste of time and maybe and maybe not. There is no doubt we can't change the past, it has already been written and we may or may not change the future, but what we can really responsible for is today.
Our abilities weaken and strengthen throughout our life. Our human vulnerabilities present themselves throughout the day, stroking at our own inner fear. From the obvious that death waits for no one and can be seen in natural disasters, war, destruction and limits of food, water and health and simple needs as energy and shelter. I find that it all comes back to the simplicity of good and evil and I say simplicity, because that is a simple choice that we each must make. If we move forward in a positive way and  work at how we can make the world a better place, we have already made a choice. It still doesn't give us a view of the future, nor will it extend our precious time on earth. But it can insure a positive future for mankind. It is a cleansing of an individual spirit, remove fear, greed, selfishness and hate and it will replaced with kindness, love, peace and the good will of sharing. 
Today I watched as the sun came up over the mountain and I rejoiced in that I have seen the future and live through it each day. I live to watch the flowers bloom, to take the day and make it mine, to give from my heart and soul and celebrate this moment in time. I respect the silence, the time when I am alone and I'll not complain of the chatter shared as no two days can be completely cloned.  

I shall not let fear make my choices. 
In the here and now, I love and I am loved. 
Rejoice in a new day, what better way than to celebrate life. 
I don' t feel the chill of a brisk October morn, 
I am to high on the clouds. 
I am responsible for self.. and only self. 
My thoughts,

The road to happiness starts from within...
I won't surround myself with darkness,
for I am not the product of someone else's failure. 
I have learned allot, 
respect breeds more respect,
sharing makes a day worth living.
Love cannot be bought,
for it is given to us at birth,
and it's up to us to accept the gift.

Though I have been told I am nothing special,
that is their failure to see, for we are all special,
we need to believe it and find that which
 makes us unique. 

I would hate, but it would make me no
better than the sickness in which they spew. 

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