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Friday, October 14, 2011

I'll Hold You Gently in My Heart

 My needs are as simple as your lips to mine, your arms to hold me through the morning and to the night. To wake up and feel you next to me and know that it's so easy, me loving you and you loving me. All I ever wanted and all I'll ever need is the pureness of love and the magic of dreams.

Surrounded by darkness, lonely and blue,
till I closed my eyes and there I saw you.
I felt your love embrace from a far,
with a kiss to my lips and a song to
 my heart. 

Surrounded by darkness, lonely and blue,
till I closed  my eyes and there I saw you.
Like and angel you came to me, through
the power of love and the magic of dreams.

I was driving down the road today. It started out dark, gloomy and raining and as I headed home the sun founds it way through the darkened clouds. My mind sifting though many thoughts, settled on the death of good friends, family and loved ones. Many times people would say that a person knows when there time is coming and the end on earth is near. When I remember the last moments of these people who were dear to my heart, I thought there was something to that. I can remember those last days and moments before a person passed away. It as if their personality is out of character for them and sometimes it is a sense of peace that surfaces or surrounds them. It is not just one person I experienced this in, it seemed to be many. A woman who I rarely saw smile, joyously hugged me, a man who fought to live, thanked me for a peaceful conversation, a gentlemen laughed, held a child and joyously looked to the sky. This is just a couple of the many moments I can recall over the years. Do they sense something is about to happen? Might it be that there an inner change, an acceptance, a calming of spirit? I am not quite sure, but I do know there is way more to life and to death than we are aware of.
I do believe that we are required to experience so many emotions in our quest. To find our purpose and  to achieve this on the journey through the path of love. Explore our many needs and desires, reach a certain field surrounded by contentment and sense the beauty that each season brings. With our luggage packed properly , starting with trust in ourselves, in that we will make the right choices. Kindness in which we give and receive with each new day. The gift of faith in which to build upon a firm foundation and the joy that the giving and receiving of love enriches us with.
I find that there really is a combination that must be met. Not to rattle the senses, but it is not necessarily an appropriate order like sort of recipe that needs to be followed. When we reach a certain plateau, where it all seems to make sense, there is a sense of calm. I think that is called truth. Truth is definitively a difficult term to come to. I think we are good at lying to ourselves, about everything from our commitment , our purpose and our greater worth beyond earth's hemisphere.
Today felt like it was one of those days where I controlled the moment. Might have been that the weather is now cooperating, finding a place within the community, my personal commitments and the realization that none of it really matters. The only thing that really needs to be met is our own happiness. I am happy that I have had this chance to share and receive love, joy and happiness. It is a glorious time and I shall not dwell in another's darkness, for I have risen to new heights.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I'd scribble up and down on the blue skies.
I'd let the world know how much I care,
and how I'd love to tenderly hold you here.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
indelible scripted to your soul for all of time.
They'd say how much you truly mean to me ,
and the power we have to overcome defeat.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I'd gather the moon and stars from heavens high.
I'd rearrange them for all to see the magic
that comes out of all my endless dreams.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I'd make sure eternity the words would fine.
Like the pulsing from my heart, where the
words first go there loving start.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I include waking up to your morning smile.
Praise the day and all the dreams and
script our forever to your memories.

My heart is dancing with you my love,
my soul knows your tender embrace.
My dreams are of  our forevermore,
where we celebrate what eternity has
in store.
My heart joyously celebrates each day,
and hopes that our love will remain. 


I'll hold you gently in my heart,
so that we shall never, ever part.  
The day can take you away from me,
but I have the joy that memory brings. 

I'll hold you gently in my heart,
so that we shall never, ever part.
Your love is always here with me,
and that is reality and not a dream. 


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